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About Us

Founded in 1999, Bookbyte is one of the longest-running used textbook businesses online. From our humble beginnings operating out of a closet (seriously), we expanded out to the garage and then to increasingly larger and larger warehouses. Ultimately, our ever-expanding inventory-housing needs required us to begin using a third-party warehousing solution. We are now one of the largest used textbook retailers from the west coast, and we have successfully transitioned to being a remote-first organization. Onwards and upwards, we say!

Bookbyte's Core Values

Our Core Values

Data Matters

01 Data Matters

Numbers rarely lie, so we make decisions on fact-based, data-driven positions based on analysis and quantitative methods.

Lower Waste & Reuse

02 Lower Waste & Reuse

We value our limited resources such as time, capital, and the environment. We believe being good stewards in our business and the environment go hand in hand.

Access Over Ownership

03 Access Over Ownership

We believe access should never be dictated solely by ownership. By providing reasonable prices, multiple avenues, and accessibility to tools and resources, we help empower individuals to succeed.

Bolster One Another

04 Bolster One Another

Our culture is every bit as essential to our success as the most accurate data and the best technical expertise. We strive to move Bookbyte’s culture forward by fostering meaningful relationships, taking care of each other in times of need, encouraging and supporting healthy work-life choices, and walking our talk.

Our Mission

We enable students to rent and buy expensive used textbooks economically by leveraging real-time data analytics to drive affordable prices across online marketplaces.

Bookbyte's Mission Statement
Bookbyte's Vision

Our Vision

We believe in a world where no product is wasted or goes unused, and people can access what they need for reasonable prices.

A Great Place to Work

As a privately held, newly remote-first organization, our main secret to success has been the belief that our talent is our most precious resource. With that said, Bookbyte prides itself on fostering a virtual workplace where employees work with the flexibility needed to optimize their productivity from their homes. We achieve this by cultivating a corporate culture built on accountability and autonomy, aligned through clear goals and expectations while building meaningful relationships that leverage empathy and trust.

Bookbyte is a great place to work