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What is an ISBN?

The ISBN (International Standard Book Number) is a 10 or 13-digit number, unique to every title and edition. The ISBN can be found in two places:

The location of the ISBN on the title page

1. The title page


The location of the ISBN on the back cover near the bar code

2. Near the bar code

If your book has a sticker placed over the original barcode, please use only the ISBN found on the title page or copyright page. Stickers will, in most cases, have a different barcode with a different ISBN printed on them which indicates the book is an alternate edition (which we don't accept) disguised as the regular student edition.

Okay, got it!

Evaluating Your Book's Condition

Your book must be in resalable condition in order for us to accept it. Below is our condition grading criteria but if you want to see some real examples, read our blog post, Bookbyte's Definition of a Damaged Textbook

A book in resalable condition


(Like New, Good Used, and Acceptable conditions) books with minor to no signs of wear and tear. This can include staining, discoloration, writing, highlighting, markings, tears, and other general damage from use. All pages must be included and all text legible. Bookbyte pays the same amount for used and unused books in Like New–Acceptable condition.

You will receive the quoted amount.

A book in non-resalable condition


Books that have excessive writing, highlighting, or other markings on over 75% of the pages; cover damage greater than a 2"x2" section; numerous torn pages; excessive odor; mold; obscured text or illegible text; or severe staining covering more than a 1/3 of the page and spanning more than 1/3 of the book; missing pages or stuck-together pages; or books that are deemed inauthentic or a replica.

Non-resalable books will be recycled and no payment will be sent.

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If this is your first visit, we strongly recommend checking out our help links below to ensure your experience with Bookbyte is nothing short of stellar.

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How Does Selling Textbooks Work?

If you’re selling textbooks to Bookbyte, you only need a textbook’s ISBN. Enter the title or ISBN of the book you want to sell in the “Sell” search bar. You’ll see the copy of the textbook and how much we’re offering for it. If you're happy with the price, click “Continue Sale” and complete the process. We’ll then give you a shipping label to print out (we pay for shipping so you don’t have to) and you send us the textbook. In 4-14 days we receive it, and you get paid via check or PayPal, your choice.

Find Cheap Textbooks

With Bookbyte's comprehensive guide to getting textbooks for the lowest prices, you can save up to 90%. Check out our cheat-sheet of the top 3 strategies for getting your textbooks cheap, plus read our comprehensive articles that cover every conceivable way of saving money on your textbooks.

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About Bookbyte

About Bookbyte

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